Death of a Salesman  

By Arthur Miller


Director: Adam Mitchell 

Set & Lighting Designer: Trent Suidgeest 

Set Design Concept: Alicia Clements 

Costume Designer: Lynn Ferguson 

Sound Designer: Ben Collins 

Assistant Director: Eden Falk 

Voice Coach: James Hagan 

Stage Manager: Michael MacClean 

Photographs: Gary Marsh  

Cast: Austin Castiglione, Adriane Daff, Eden Falk, Luke Hewitt, Talei Howell-Price, Josh McConville, Caroline McKenzie, Jo Morris, Ben O'Toole, Igor Sas and John Stanton

Black Swan State Theatre Company, Heath Ledger Theatre, State Theatre Centre 2013. 


The strength of the acting, the brilliance of script, the seamless direction in and out of the past is masterful. This is a powerful piece of drama and not to be missed.
— ABC Online